Workplace Investigations and Training



Federal and state laws often require employers to promptly investigate, and take appropriate corrective action, in response to complaints of unlawful harassment or discrimination. An employer’s failure to promptly investigate and take corrective action may significantly increase the employer’s liability.

The employment lawyers at Matheson & Matheson, PLC, have the expertise and knowledge needed to conduct these types of investigations, and have conducted numerous investigations for employers throughout Arizona. Moreover, with their years of experience as in-house counsel, both Michelle Matheson and Darrel Jackson understand the employers’ need to carefully define and adhere to the scope of any investigation.

A primary goal of any workplace investigation is to uncover the truth. In many cases, it may not be possible to uncover the truth with 100% certainty. However, our investigations result in factual findings that are as close to the truth as possible because we plan and execute each investigation carefully.

A good investigation should also instill employees with a sense ofconfidence in the process. In the end, it is often impossible to make every employee happy with the corrective actions that may follow an investigation. However, employees who participate as witnesses in our investigations walk away with the sense that their employer is taking their concerns seriously and that they had a full opportunity to be heard. When your employees believe that you investigated their concerns fairly, then they will be less likely to pursue external remedies ( e.g., filing a charge of discrimination) and more likely to trust you in the future with any additional concerns.

We can also train your staff to conduct investigationseffectively. Our training includes a useful checklist to help guide any investigation, and identifies and the common pitfalls.


The best approach for investigations is to minimize the need for investigations in the first place. We are experts in training your leaders and employees to act in compliance with employment laws, as well as your company’s values. Our training does more than simply teach the law: we demonstrate why legal and ethical compliance benefits the company and each employee personally. In other words, our training explains how to comply and why compliance is critical.

Most of us have struggled to stay awake through dry workplace training sessions – training that seemed like a “check-the-box” exercise. Our training is never dull because we deliver it with passion and humor, and because we make the content of our training relevant.

We offer training on a wide variety of employment law topics, including sexual harassment, wage and hour issues, disability accommodation, and Family and Medical Leave Act. We will customize our training to fit your organization’s needs.