Retaliation and Whistleblower Claims

Representation in Retaliation and Whistleblower Claims

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A whistleblower is a worker who has reported suspected unlawful activity by his or her employer. Unlawful retaliation occurs when an employer takes adverse action against an employee for making the report.

At Matheson & Matheson, P.L.C., Attorneys at Law, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, we represent both employees and employers in legal actions involving retaliation and whistleblower claims. These cases are often related to reports of suspected discrimination and harassment or unpaid wages.

An employee may be protected by filing an internal claim with the appropriate company personnel or by filing a claim with an outside agency such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Arizona Civil Rights Division, the National Labor Relations Board, or the Arizona or U.S. Departments of Labor.

When representing employees, Matheson & Matheson, can assist you with asserting your concerns to determine if you fall within a protected whistleblower status.

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