Independent Contractors

Workers classified as employees are entitled to certain wage, tax and benefit guarantees, with some state exceptions. Use of independent contractors by many employers helps to cut down their employee costs, because the contractors are responsible for some costs and do not receive benefits. If you are a worker who should be classified as an employee, but are being shortchanged, it is time to contact Matheson & Matheson, PLC, for legal advice and representation.

Matheson & Matheson, PLC

At Matheson & Matheson, PLC, we understand employment law from all angles, a 360 degree view of Employment Law issues. Our attorneys have a special interest in helping workers get the correct pay and benefits they are entitled to have under the law. State laws vary somewhat, but the basic concept is that as an employee, a regular worker is entitled to be paid fair wages, including overtime, taxes and other benefits. We work with clients nationwide, primarily in Arizona and Scottsdale, AZ law offices.

Attorney Michelle Matheson

An employment lawyer with significant experience in employment litigation nationwide, Attorney Michelle Matheson brings to Arizona clients results-drive and cost-efficient legal services. She has tried cases before Arizona state judges, in Federal courts and appeals courts. She has worked with major companies and individuals, providing each with personalized attention and care.

Attorney Darrel Jackson

A long and distinguished career defending clients in arbitrations and mediations, and offering expert counseling and training for employment law issues is the excellent background Attorney Darrel Jackson brings to our law firm. He has appeared in state, federal and appeals courts serving Arizona to litigate cases for large companies, individuals and small businesses. His cost-efficient approach to solving employment matters is focused and results-driven.

Scottsdale Wage and Overtime Lawyers

The financial burden of having employees is the reason many employers prefer to use independent contractors. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous employers try to cut their staff costs by incorrectly classifying regular employees, or workers who are entitled to proper wages, overtime and employee benefits, as independent contractors. If you believe you are being treated illegally, get help now from Scottsdale Wage and Overtime Lawyers at Matheson & Matheson, PLC. Call us for legal assistance today, at (480) 889-8951.